EVOO, what is it and which one to buy?

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in general terms, the highest quality olive oil. According to the current European regulations about olive oil, in order for an olive oil to be labelled as extra virgin, first of all it must be an olive oil obtained directly from olives only by mechanical means, and secondly it must not exceed a free fatty acid content of 0.8%. However, the acidity of a top quality EVOO is usually no more than 0.3%, and it must also pass a very demanding tasting panel, which simply means that its quality is superior to that of a “normal” extra virgin olive oil.

EVOO, the best quality and healthiest extra virgin olive oil

In addition to its very low acidity, the most characteristic and differential attributes of a good EVOO are its balanced fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness, which are naturally present in the best extra virgin olive oils, especially in those that come from greener olives. Therefore, cold-pressed olive oil has a higher concentration of natural bioactive compounds directly responsible for the slightly more bitter and pungent taste. These natural antioxidants develop to a greater or lesser extent depending on the fruit (variety, ripeness, quality), as well as on the climate and type of cultivation…

Different kinds of EVOO, which one to buy?

We introduce the different types of EVOO, always extra virgin olive oil of TOP QUALITY and cold pressed from LATEST HARVEST picual olives. The main difference between one extra virgin olive oil and another is the type of farming, ORGANIC vs. TRADITIONAL, and the time of harvesting of the olives, which determines the state of ripeness and the green nuances of their juices. Most of our olive trees are centuries old and are grown by hand in a natural high mountain environment. As a result, the production costs are somewhat higher, but we certainly believe it is worth it for its true flavour. Here you can buy extra virgin olive oil online direct from Walmart.com or https://www.walmart.com/ip/Macellum-Extra-Virgin-Olive-100-Spanish-Imported-Oil-25-3-FL-OZ-750ml/906123720, thank you for your trust and… cheers!!!!



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